[Webinar Recording] Stop Tracking Trends. Start Measuring Their Volatility.

Stop hunting trends. Starting measuring their volatility.

Everyone talks about trend hunting. But no one really discusses measuring the value of a trend to a business. This is because trend hunting is easy. Measuring its volatility isn't. But for the first time, with advancements in machine learning and access to big data, we have the ability to do exactly this - quantify the value of a trend. In this presentation, Ujwal will take us through one such method of doing this with consumer conversation data on the internet. With the use of several examples, Ujwal will illustrate how measuring trend volatility can allow us to look past industry-definitions of trends and get at the underlying demand spaces from the consumer's perspective.

View the recording today.  What you'll take away:

  • A way to distinguish between industry definitions of trends and actual consumer-led demand spaces.
  • A model with which to think about measuring trend volatility.
  • A model with which to predict the future of trends - through the lens of the consumer rather than the industry.


   Ujwal Arkalgud, CEO & Chief Cultural Anthropologist, MotivBase.com

Ujwal is an award-winning cultural anthropologist and entrepreneur. He is a pioneer in the study of consumer beliefs and culture on the internet. His work in this area spanning over a decade led to the creation of the big data ethnographic method which today powers his company's technology, MotivBase. Ujwal is also an adviser and investor to a handful of B2B startups and serves on the board of the Center for Food Integrity in the United States.




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