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[Webinar Recording] Take It Easy – Using Co-Creation to Develop the Ultimate “Easy” Relationship with Customers

View the recording to learn how Aflac applied Customer Co-Creation to develop the ultimate “Easy” customer relationship.

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  • KL Communications
  • June 14 2018 1 PM - 2 PM

When it comes to understanding esoteric terms like “being easy to work with,” traditional market research techniques fall short in allowing customers to help define the term themselves.

To best grasp what “ease” meant to their customer relationship, Aflac chose a multiphase co-creation approach. The process was highlighted by an ideation session using KLC’s proprietary CrowdWeaving® service. Blind ideation was followed by a round of customer and client collaboration with voting/ranking to see which “easy” ideas resonated with them. A final validation phase was opened to all Benefits 365 Community members – including non-customers – to allow them to evaluate what being “easy to work with” truly means.

View the recording and learn how Aflac:

  • Used co-creation techniques to define what “ease” means to their customers/subscribers
  • Used unmet customer needs and pain points to inspire internal creative stakeholders
  • Stepped outside the mindset of insurance satisfaction to pursue an unsurpassed easy customer relationship.

Dan Womack will explain why he choose a proactive, co-creation exchange with Aflac subscribers to help define “ease” and how Aflac intends to incorporate customer ease into future transactions.




  Kevin Lonnie, CEO/ Founder, KL Communications

Mr. Lonnie founded KL Communications in 1996 after working on both the client and supplier side. He has earned a reputation as being at the forefront of using the principles of design thinking and customer co-creation.

Mr. Lonnie has presented at numerous insight & innovation events over the past three years, focusing on the impact of disruptive tools and their implications for market research.

Kevin is past Treasurer and Executive Board member of The Insights Association. Mr. Lonnie is also past president of the Interactive Marketing Research Organization (IMRO).


  Dan Womack, Head of Insights, Aflac Insurance

Dan’s has spent the last 15+ years focusing on insights, brand strategy, customer experience and innovation at some of the world’s largest companies, but his career also includes time at a boutique research agency and large non-profits.

His team at Aflac helps drive strategy and inform decisions for all parts of the business. A strong believer in the value of market research and insights to drive deeper customer understanding and growth, Dan supports the profession whenever possible. Before taking a break early this year, Dan was a longtime volunteer and member of the Insights Association and MRA boards of directors.

Dan also has an ever-growing vinyl record collection that originated long before vinyl was cool again.


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