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[Webinar] The problem with AI: How Contextual Intelligence Will Shape the Way Consumer Insight and Innovation Teams Predict Human Behavior

View the recording to learn how Context gives AI the ability to decode trends and quantify demand spaces.

  • The webinar is Presented by GreenBook

  • June 20 2019 1 PM - 2 PM

Artificial intelligence is the worst buzzword to happen to the social and behavioral sciences. Why? Because it is thought of as the solution rather than a pathway to get to better solutions. In this talk, we’ll introduce the idea of Contextual Intelligence (CI), as the true form of Artificial Intelligence.

We’ll explain how context gives us the ability to use AI tools to decode trends, identify and quantify new demand spaces and make better predictions. Most importantly, we’ll talk about how CI allows us to get past the industry’s perspective on trends, and actually look at the consumer’s unaltered lens to identify new revenue opportunities.

View the recording. Here is what you can expect to learn in this session:

  • Introduction to contextual intelligence - How it makes the difference between being able to understand what people are doing vs. why they’re doing it.
  • How contextual intelligence allows us to decode industry trends and identify the real opportunities that consumers are inadvertently revealing to us online.
  • Specific use-cases to compare and contrast the impact of contextual intelligence on understanding and predicting human behavior.

What you will take away:

  • How to avoid the classic “wellness or well-being” trap. By understanding the consumer’s context behind topics, issues, and trends, you can move past the industry’s perspective on trends to hone in on that of the consumer’s.
  • It’s not enough to only study the what behind human behavior. Without the why, we can’t improve the accuracy of our predictions no matter how fancy our algorithms might be.
  • In the world of big data, it is absolutely possible to use technology in a positive way to improve our understanding of human behavior and drive greater empathy for the human condition. But in order to achieve that, we have to think about how to design the application of artificial intelligence tools to better enable the things that we already do really well as researchers.


  Ujwal Arkalgud, Co-Founder & CEO,





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