[Webinar Recording] How to Engage and Sell Today's Corporate Research Buyer

View the recording to discover the hidden triggers -- rational, emotional, and corporate -- that lead to today’s research buying decisions, but clients do not typically share with you. who registers.

As a research professional, you’re tasked with bringing your clients fresh, actionable insights about their consumers. But, how well do you know your own clients? And, have you ever invested in researching them in the same way you research their consumers?

This webinar shares highlights from the recently released “Corporate Research Buyers Speak” study and GreenBook’s client panels, including insights from the GRIT Report.

“Corporate Researchers Speak” is the first-ever qualitative “deep dive” into how marketing-research buyers decide which suppliers to engage, how they like to be “sold,” and how to address their unmet needs. The study was funded by 10 research firms through Collaborata, a market-research cost-sharing platform (www.collaborata.com).

This webinar shares highlights from the study, including mapping clients’ path to purchase, providing practical and timely guidance on how to successfully sell into new client companies and how to nurture and grow existing relationships in today’s ultra-competitive environment.

You will see what corporate-research buyers really want from you in engaging with them -- how to best reach and sell them the first time, how to meet their shifting needs, and how to maintain and grow the relationship by becoming a valued partner.

GreenBook, who supported this groundbreaking study, will co-present with David Harris, the lead researcher of “Corporate Research Buyers Speak,” adding their perspective based on findings from the GRIT report and many panel client panel discussions over the past few years.

Attendees will learn the hidden triggers -- rational, emotional, and corporate -- that lead to buying decisions, but clients do NOT always share with you.

View the recording. Here is what you will discover:

  • A greater understanding of the “client journey” in commissioning research and insights projects beginning with the first contact to procurement, proposal, engagement and an ongoing partner relationship.
  • The emotional and practical drivers of how research and insights clients making their “buying” decisions.
  • How to identify and empathetically understand research buyers’ unmet needs, challenges, and pain points.


  David F. Harris, President, Insight & Measurement    

David F. Harris founded Insight & Measurement and provides research, training and speaking to the industry. In 2014, he published, The Complete Guide to Writing Questionnaires: How to Get Better Information for Better Decisions. David’s passion is helping organizations get the insights needed for better decision-making.

David spent the first 15 years on the corporate side. While Director of Research Methods at GSK, they bought 900+ market-research and insights projects each year. For many years, David has had a keen interested in how corporate buyers make supplier choices.

  Dana Stanley, COO, GreenBook

Dana Stanley is COO at GreenBook, where he helps guide the organization in its mission to promote market research innovation and connect insights professionals across the buyer / seller divide. He has been a research practitioner, speaker, marketer and business developer for prominent companies such as Greenfield Online, Research Now and Survey Analytics.








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