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[Webinar Recording] Understanding Brand Trust in an Era of #FakeNews & Volatile Social Media

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Steve Jobs once proclaimed, "A brand is simply trust."  Yet from Nike to Gillette, in today's polarized social media empowered world, brand trust has never been more important....or at much at risk. 

This webinar will explore how organizations can better measure and understand brand trust in 2019 through social data with specific examples. 

Topics include an examination of key drivers of trust/distrust in social media, how AI technologies can better measure and predict health, what brands should do and not do to protect and nurture trust in this era of #fakenews, intensified social activism and enhanced corporate scrutiny.


  Rob Key, Founder & CEO, Converseon

Founder and CEO of Converseon, the leading AI-powered social listening technology and consulting firm and pioneer in applying machine learning approaches to better measure trust from social data.

  Peter Horst, Founder, CMO Inc.

Named by Forbes as one of the World's Top 50 Most Influential CMOs. He holds over thirty years of leadership experience with companies such as Capital One, Hershey, and General Mills. He is author of "Marketing in the #FakeNews Era: New Rules for a New Reality of Tribalism, Activism, and Loss of Trust."

  Kris Russell, Director-Insights & Analytics, Public Affairs, Walmart Inc.

Kris started his Walmart career working in stores in 1996 before moving to the home office in 1999. He has held a variety of positions ranging from analytical leadership roles in Asset Protection, Claims Management and managing projects at the highest levels of Innovation. Just prior to his current role, Kris, led Global Security’s Analytics and Insights team where he focused primarily on travel assessments for Walmart’s top executives, large event security assessments and monitoring, and catastrophic and existential risk research.

Kris’s current challenge includes measuring the cause and effect relationship between traditional, digital and social communication strategies, and Walmart’s reputation, and ultimately tying them all to business outcomes. Success is arming Walmart’s communicators with data-informed strategies to achieve desired outcomes.





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