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[Webinar Recording] Unveiling Deeper Human Truths to Drive Smarter Business Decisions

View the recording to discover how video is delivering richer insight and greater business impact through powerful storytelling.


Hall & Partners use LivingLens to unlock the power of video to understand what people see, feel, think and do in real-time and in real context. Video provides an authentic view into people’s lives, helping to answer what really influences decisions and behaviours.

By tapping into consumers’ obsession for video and their ability to film themselves on mobile devices, we gain layers of insight never before imagined. However, this wealth of data comes with an analysis headache. Only by making the use of video efficient can we truly benefit from this rich data source.

We share through some real-life examples, across industry sectors, how by easily extracting meaning from multimedia content using AI and machine learning we are able to turn rich video content into insights to help brands understand their customers to drive decision making and growth.

Video is memorable, genuine and hard to ignore! It provides an inescapable truth and can’t be rationalized away like scores or charts. Learn how video storytelling is transforming the socialization of insights and delivering greater impact all the way to the boardroom for global brands such as PepsiCo and eBay.

View the recording today and you will:

  • Understand how unstructured data is delivering unique insight at speeds only possible before with structured data.  
  • See how this approach has helped clients like PepsiCo and eBay find new meaning in the voice of the customer.  
  • Learn how video gets insight to have impact all the way to the Boardroom.


  Neira Hodzic, Account Director, LivingLens

Neira is passionate about understanding human behaviour and turning market research insights into customer-centric business strategies. As an Account Director at LivingLens, she brings brands and their consumers closer through the power of video – staying involved from the first client conversation through to project implementation and customer success. With a consultative approach and focus on win-win relationships, she provides her clients with the services necessary to make informed decisions and inspire business transformation.

  Richard Owen, Chief Transformation Officer, Hall & Partners

25 years’ experience in using smart technologies to inspire better methodologies to drive better insight and an obsession to move research forward and not protect the past. A proven builder of businesses, having launched and grown an office of a major research company, and then started and grown my own business too. For the past five years Richard has passionately focused on delivering in-the-moment insight to fuel a new understanding of customer experiences in real time.

  Allison Hogan, Strategist, Hall & Partners

Allison is a qualitative researcher from NYC focused on innovative methods that get clients closer to understanding the moments that matter. With Hall & Partners she has helped develop their in-house in-the-moment mobile methodology Tempo, and is a strong advocate to the use of video as the gold standard to understand and socialize the emotions and motivations of consumers. Her experience spans multiple categories including consumer and B2B tech, food, fashion, retail environments, and travel.


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