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[Webinar Recording] Voice Technology & Consumer Behavior: A Cultural Comparison

View the recording to learn voice technology attitudes, usage and consumer patterns.

The increase in voice technology adoption, including digital assistants and smart speakers, is challenging brands and insights professionals. There’s no doubt that this AI technology is impacting consumer behavior, but ‘where’ and ‘how’ remains a question. To explore these questions, ProdegeMR and SKIM partnered together to sample American and European attitudes and usage of voice technology.

The goal of the study was to receive a better understanding of this emerging trend and to determine implications for marketers. By focusing on the most voice dominant countries, the US, UK and Germany, we also learned cultural and generational differences of voice users.  

This session will detail consumers perceptions of voice technology, current usage trends and the impact voice will have on organizations around the world. Additionally, the webinar will share practical tips for those interested in conducting research in this voice channel, as well as marketing to consumers via voice.

View the recording.  You will:

  • Gain an understanding of voice technology and digital assistant perceptions, attitudes and usage among consumers  in US, UK and Europe
  • Learn marketing tips across voice technology, and how it relates to shopper marketing and its influence on path to purchase
  • Receive best practices when conducting research in this emerging channel


  Roberto Velez, Account Lead, ProdegeMR

Roberto Velez is an 8 year veteran in the Market Research industry. As an Account Lead on Prodege's Answer Team, he specializes in delivering excellent customer service at every stage of a project to a variety of high-profile customers, from MR firms to end clients. Prior to joining Prodege, Roberto worked at SSI and Instantly (formerly uSamp). His keen interest in clients’ goals and consultative approach help to connect his clients with audiences all over the world, and he’s everyone’s favorite office baker.

  Cori Deutsch, Manager, SKIM

Cori Deutsch is a Research Manager at SKIM, based in the Atlanta office. She consults leading companies in the telecommunications, consumer goods and technology industries on how to analyze and predict consumer decision behavior. She has a passion for this emerging voice technology channel, communications research, segmentation, and data visualization. Cori holds a Master's in Marketing Research from the University of Georgia.


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