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[Webinar Recording] When Should We Ask, When Should We Measure? Comparing Information from Passive and Active Data Collection.

Learn more about the relationship between self-reported vs. behavioral data.

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Marketers have long relied on consumers’ memories to measure and predict shopper behavior through online surveys. Yet, it is no secret that human recall is far from perfect. Think about your own shopping experiences. Can you remember all of the products you looked at or bought when you bought them, and what price you paid?

Netquest puts shopper recall to the test. Our key objective is to help determine when we can best apply a standalone survey-driven methodology, and when it’s preferable to leverage observed behavioral data instead.

View the recording. Hear about how:

  • With the development of large online platforms, which make way to new technologies, passive data collection represents an opportunity never before seen in our industry.
  • We now have the possibility of handling large amounts of information, Big Data, in a much more efficient way, for example, analyzing the browsing activities of hundreds of thousands of users.
  • Thanks to passive data, the market research industry has the possibility of becoming largely independent of the memory of its respondents, now combining subjective (declared) data with objective (observed) data.


  Gil Oliveira, Behavioral Sales Manager, Netquest 

Gil is a graduate from Princeton University with a degree in Chemical & Biological Engineering. Post-graduation, he joined the Netquest US Operations Team and his inquisitive mind has helped Netquest assimilate into the US Market.

Today, Gil is working on our commercial team as a Client Manager with a special focus on growing behavioral clickstream data awareness across the industry.


  Benet Boix, Managing Director NA & Canada, Netquest

Award-winning MBA executive with a record of success in driving B2B and B2C sales, providing strategic vision and leadership to increase market share and generate substantial revenue growth. A persuasive communicator who excels at defining and delivering compelling messaging that calls audiences to action. A high-energy leader who capitalizes on breadth of experience – across computer engineering, finance, sales, market research, and marketing – to move projects swiftly from initial concept to completion – delivering results and maximizing profits.


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