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[Webinar Recording] Discover a Better, Faster Alternative to SPSS

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  • The webinar is Presented by GreenBook

  • April 19 2018 12 PM - 1 PM

Customers complaining that your analysis takes too long?  If you use SPSS, your analysis is taking twice as long as it should. Most market researchers still rely on SPSS and too many valuable hours are lost trying to force this antiquated tool to analyze the type of data it was never made for.

Discover how all your survey analysis and reporting can be done in half the time by using Q - analysis software made just for market researchers.

Register now to stay well ahead of the curve and stop wasting any more valuable time.


  • DIY advanced statistical analysis without needing years of training. 
  • No more wading through hundreds of tables to find insights.
  • PowerPoint reports linked to your analysis so they are always up-to-date.
  • Automation used to set up, tidy and format survey data.
  • Replicate analysis by replacing the datafile – no fiddly syntax, less errors, and instant.
  • Not relying on humans to do your grunt work.  
  • Not stressing about deadlines



Matt Steele, Customer Success, Q Research Software | Displayr

Matt has 15 years' experience in market research. Prior to joining the Q team at Displayr, he was an SPSS mule, spending his life deep in SPSS syntax, formatting tables in Excel, and updating PowerPoint presentations by hand. Matt is passionate about easily creating awesome reporting and has an extensive background in all aspects of communication. He has an Honours degree in Psychology and is also an experienced theatre director, having trained at Australia's leading dramatic arts school, NIDA (home to Mel Gibson, Russell Crowe, and Cate Blanchett).









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