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[Webinar Recording] The Emerging Blockchain Ecosystem in Insights & What it Means for You

View the recording to hear our panel's take on Blockchain.

Blockchain has emerged as the hot topic du jour across many categories, including insights. However, there is a general lack of awareness of what blockchain is (and isn’t) as well as much confusion on what the business application potential for this technology could be.

The issues of data privacy and sample quality have primarily driven consideration of how blockchain might (or might not!) be applicable to the insights industry, although many variations related to data management in general have also been discussed. We are witnessing the emergence of numerous startups working on blockchain applications related to the insights industry while there is a growing debate on whether the technology is even fit for purpose. Are we are on the cusp of the next great disruptive technology for research (and the world)? Over the past 20 years the industry has seen similar initial low awareness and expectations around adoption of online data collection, DIY platforms, mobile, automation and AI and within 2-3 years each emerged as major trends changing the industry. Only time will tell if blockchain follows a similar trajectory, but it would be foolish for the insights industry to not pay attention to the signals and develop plans just in case. With that in mind, join this special Greenbook webinar with a panel of “in the trenches” experts as we explore the topic of “The Emerging Blockchain Ecosystem in Insights & What it Means for You”

The format for this one-hour webinar will be two-minute intros from each panelist on their specific play on blockchain to give examples on the various opportunities being explored.  This will be followed by a panel discussion exploring such topics as: .

  • What the heck is blockchain?
  • Why should I canre about blockchain?
  • The difference between blockchain, tokens and cryptocurrencies
  • Benefits for insights clients
  • Benefits for insights providers
  • Benefits for consumers
  • Current market impact (who wins, who loses and how)
  • What about data quality, data privacy and GDPR?
  • How fast is this moving?
  • How does the industry prepare?

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  Larry Friedman, Editor, GreenBook Blog

Macro View:

  Rolfe Swinton, Director of Data Assets, GfK


  Jason Buchanan, MR Chain - Advisor  

  Owen Hanks, CEO & Co- Founder at Measure Protocol

  Dan Kidd, Chief Revenue Officer, Datawallet

  Claudio Lima, PhD, Chairman, IEEE NIST Blockchain Technical Committee

  Stephan Shakespeare, Chief Executive & Founder, YouGov plc


  Elena Sinelnikova, CryptoChicks Founder and CEO

  Clint Taylor, Executive Technology Strategist; SVP, Sentient Decision Science

  Lisa Wilding-Brown, Chief Research Officer

















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