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WorldOne Enhances Global Reach with Opening of Latin American Headquarters in Brazil

SÃO PAULO, Brazil (June 29, 2010) – WorldOne, the global leader in online healthcare data collection, announced today the opening of its seventh global office in São Paulo, Brazil. With over 50,000 healthcare panelists in Latin America already, WorldOne is further expanding its commitment and capabilities in the region.

“With our Latin American headquarters in the heart of Brazil, we have an increased presence in one of the top pharmerging markets,” said Peter Kirk, Chief Executive Officer of WorldOne. “We have conducted over 100 projects in Latin America this year, and we are reinforcing our infrastructure to handle projected growth throughout the region.”

WorldOne established its Hong Kong office in 2008 to expand resources in Asia and, with the addition of Brazil, has secured a local presence in key locations across the globe. One of the main functions of each regional office is to develop and maintain WorldOne’s first-class healthcare panel, as every panelist is custom recruited and individually verified. A dedicated local team ensures the integrity of the panel, as well as increasing the speed at which the panel can grow to support demand.

“Our international scope combined with local expertise offers clients a strategic advantage for executing the industry’s most challenging studies,” said Kirk. “We have developed a unique understanding of specialized markets, and since we are truly a global company, our clients have one reliable source for all their data collection needs.”

About WorldOne
WorldOne is an international research agency specializing in healthcare data collection for leading market research organizations, consulting firms, and corporations. With one of the largest global presences in the industry, WorldOne’s client portfolio includes the world’s top healthcare agencies and brands. WorldOne offers both online and offline access to medical professionals in over 80 countries with the most geographically diverse healthcare panel available. To learn more, visit

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