CI Practices in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Companies


SIS conducted a Competitive Intelligence (CI) study on the state of the art of CI practice in major healthcare and pharmaceutical companies.  Specifically, SIS explored the sources used to determine, the methods used, resources committed, the success of their programs and any tangible results gained through their internal competitive research.


SIS contact the major pharmaceutical and health care firms to discuss their competitive intelligence practices. Specifically, Best Practices were discussed, along with their understanding of standardized approaches taken by their competitors.  Additional insight was gained around utilization of internal and external resources in compiling competitive intelligence.


The following key findings were discovered by SIS: 

  • Most companies we spoke with maintained centralized departments, patent search departments and clinical trial specializations.
  • Those companies who gather most of the information from trade shows and conferences have a better understanding of their competitors compared with more traditional competitive intelligence gathering 
  • Those companies with both centralized and decentralized human capital structures showed the greatest performance
  • Those companies that labeled the sources and rated and ranked the sources had the best rates of utility of the CI information. 

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