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Market & Competitive Intelligence

Market research companies specializing in the assessment of competitive environment within a product or service category. Select a firm to provide actionable intelligence by evaluating competitor efforts such as sales, marketing, employment activities, acquisition strategies, pricing, patents and manufacturing capabilities.

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View all case studies by Market Alert Ltd.

View all case studies by SIS International Research

We are competitive intelligence experts. We help our clients scope and execute CI engagements that provide actionable insights and value.

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View all case studies by Priority Metrics Group

Premier strategic market research company. We wed insights to business opportunities for our clients, using a full range of research techniques.

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Seena Sharp, Sharp Market Intelligence

Seena Sharp is author of the new book, Competitive Intelligence Advantage: How to Minimize Risk, Avoid Surprises, and Grow Your Business in a Changing World, published by Wiley. Recently, C-Suite Insight interviewed her about the book and her current thoughts.

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[Webinar] Big Data or Big Hype? [Webinar] Big Data or Big Hype?

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One of the most hyped topics in the worlds of marketing, technology, and consumer insights is Big Data. Join our panel of experts for a discussion that's going to clear the hype away. Gain a real perspective on the subject and a better understanding of what Big Data can deliver today.

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Insight Innovation

The Insight Innovation Competition is an initiative to identify innovators whether they think of their solution as market research related or not, while supporting these firms through funding and mentoring from experienced professionals that can help them succeed.

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Modern "Social" Online Qualitative Research Modern "Social" Online Qualitative Research

Ad Hoc Research

Marketing research online communities (MROCs) are among the new breed of tools that can complement the traditional focus group. This session explores how researchers can extend their scope of practice by integrating established techniques with new methods that rely on online community environments.

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