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Market research providers of strategic research in market segmentation. Look for companies providing research used to describe the types of customers within a market. By using a combination of mathematical techniques and research methods, customers can be grouped for example according to needs, wants, attitudes, habits, and/or behaviors.

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Decision Point
Decision Point

Make confident decisions with Decision Point - experienced researchers and marketers specializing in ethnographies, advanced analytics and marketing.

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Research & analytics firm with expertise in new product research, message optimization, pricing research, conjoint, segmentation, brand equity value.

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Synergia is a full service research firm (quantitative and qualitative) specializing in the Hispanic and Multicultural consumer markets.

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By combining market research with psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral science, we reveal the consumer and customer insights that grow brands.

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Luth Research

As business enterprises attempt to find clarity in the ever-evolving world of people-based marketing data, Acxiom®, the data foundation for the world's best marketers, and Luth Research today announced a joint solution for marketers and their supporting agencies that enables more targeted omnichannel marketing with an end-to-end, privacy-compliant solution.

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W5 on Segmentation


Segmentation is an analytical process that identifies key segments within a target market and determines which segments are of higher or lower priority for a brand. Segmentation is a powerful tool providing a strategic perspective on the ways distinct segments of current and potential consumers are defined and understood based on shared category behaviors, attitudes, and underlying motivations and inhibitors. Understanding consumers’ motivations for purchasing, supporting, and spreading the word about a brand or product is a fundamental business challenge—often preceding effective brand positioning, marketing strategy, and communications tactics.

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5 Must-Dos to Get the Most Out of Customer Segmentation Research

Rockbridge Associates

Customer segmentation studies provide a great deal of strategic value, but that value often goes unrealized because organizations struggle to implement them effectively. Learn the top 5 must-dos to ensure your segmentation study is actionable and allows marketing and product teams to quickly make impactful decisions.

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Integrating Data into a Holistic View Integrating Data into a Holistic View

Customer Lifecycle, LLC

This article will outline strategies for taking full advantage of market research initiatives from multiple sources in order to create comprehensive action plans that will have real results in real market scenarios.

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A New Lens On Your Target Market A New Lens On Your Target Market

Dorothy Hildebrand, Leap Research & Innovation

New perspectives complement the knowledge gleaned from traditional research. Open the door to fresh, deep insights by getting out from behind the glass, minimizing bias and engaging participants in new ways.

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Multidimensional Segmentation Multidimensional Segmentation

Decision Analyst

Market segmentation is widely accepted as the foundation for the development of marketing strategy. Segmentation analyses can help identify optimal target markets and can help guide the development of product, positioning, and messaging strategies to reach the target segments.

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Predictive Segmentation Enables Optimal Targeting of Your Customer Database Predictive Segmentation Enables Optimal Targeting of Your Customer Database

Customer Lifecycle, LLC

Traditional segmentation strategies have had two distinct focuses: benefits-based strategies and a priori strategies. Each of these traditional techniques has its benefits and drawbacks. Predictive segmentation effectively parses the market into easily-identifiable and discrete market segments that differ based on both needs and behavior.

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