A full-service market research and strategic consulting firm specializing in surveys, focus groups, interviewing, ideation, and strategic planning.


We are a marketing research and strategic consulting team who draw on our skills in traditional consumer research, data storytelling, and group facilitation, and to help our clients identify, express, and achieve their goals. Our clients have included major media companies, a variety of major educational and cultural institutions, together with smaller entrepreneurial and community-based organizations. City Square has extensive experience with research in media and entertainment, having conducted hundreds of focus groups and in-depth interviews and numerous quantitative studies with media users across the United States. We have conducted pilot testing, talent screenings, program diagnostics, as well as foundational, attitudinal, and behavioral research. Our clients have used this research to refine content, inform content and marketing strategy, test the health of their brands, and understand consumer behavior across media platforms and touchpoints. City Square has also worked extensively in the education and not-for-profit sectors. Our portfolio includes experience in primary research related to marketing and enrollment, user experience, program and product evaluation, alumni activation, development and fundraising, as well as strategic planning. In all that we do, we endeavor to transform data into meaning, and meaning into action.

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