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Qualitative Marketing Research

Market research companies using methods to obtain information from relatively small, non-quantifiable samples. Qualitative research is deemed subjective. Methodologies include focus groups, triads, one-on-one/in-depth interviews, observational research, etc.

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Specializes in providing customized research solutions including integrated qualitative and quantitative research grounded in consumer understanding.

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Brandtrust is a research and strategy firm that utilizes applied social and behavioral sciences to solve complex business challenges.

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We are a research driven strategy firm specializing in brand planning, customer experience, and strategic planning and innovation.

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InCrowd, the pioneer of real-time market insights for the life sciences, announces the general availability of InCrowd Interview, a one-stop qualitative insights solution. Continuing its mission to reduce the friction in sourcing high-quality market insights, InCrowd with its InCrowd Insights offering takes a complicated, frustrating, manual process and transforms it through automation and other technology. InCrowd Interview streamlines qualitative interview set-up and execution to take just a fraction of the time of traditional approaches, enabling insights professionals to devote greater focus on analysis and initiatives with business impact. \

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