Southwest Planning & Marketing is a multi-disciplinary full-service, quantitative and qualitative market research firm. We specialize in recruiting.


Southwest Planning & Marketing is a multi-disciplinary full-service market research firm. SWPM has state of the art equipment to provide professional focus group facilities in a flexible format anywhere. We offer live on-site video viewing with a 1080p HD 60” screen and high-quality sound. We also have the ability to stream live focus groups worldwide and, through partnerships with hotels, we offer accommodations, food, airport transportation, adequate parking in a fully digital mobile environment. We maintain a roster of qualified focus group participants from all demographic groups to enable quick and appropriate recruitment services. SWPM has conducted surveys locally, nationally and internationally for 40 years. Our software allows for quick and efficient distribution of surveys to respondents. We conduct intercept surveys with both direct entries via iPad and paper self-administration by respondents. We have experience in all types of surveys, from small local projects with a hundred or fewer email respondents to national projects with thousands of intercepts.

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