Largest Nationwide Qualitative Panel of Hispanics and Low-Incidence Segments / Recruitment,Fieldwork,Moderation,Insights / 3,150+ Successful Projects


CASA Demographics provides best-in-class recruitment and qualitative fieldwork services for minority and hard-to-find general market segments.

With the largest national qualitative panel of Hispanic consumers and a team of highly experienced research experts, over the past 18 years we’ve successfully executed over 1,850 projects nationally involving Latinos and over 2,110 studies with hard-to-find general market segments in just about every industry and sector.

Our national recruitment and fieldwork team consistently and cost-effectively executes both in-person and online methodologies throughout the country. These include major markets where we have an established local presence and a robust consumer panel, such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Washington, Miami, San Francisco, Phoenix, Orange County, San Diego, Boston, Tampa, Charlotte, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Seattle, Las Vegas and Orlando. Beyond those MSAs, we also carry out myriads of low-incidence studies both online and in-person in smaller metro markets in 41 out of the 50 states and Puerto Rico. Our unparalleled mix of local field teams, grass roots recruitment, central project management, advanced tech tools and a team of highly-experienced cultural experts have made us the go-to firm for Hispanic and low-incidence targets nationwide.

CASA Demographics also routinely provides bilingual moderation, insights analysis and consulting, with our team of qualitative experts and moderators working seamlessly to structure best-in-class research and deliver powerful, actionable insights for Fortune 500 brands from a diverse set of industries.

Decades of research experience, cultural & language knowledge, effective technology adoption and great service allow us to reliably complete projects on time, on budget, with superb results and very satisfied clients.

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Felipe Viyella
Partner & Founder - Insights Lead
(888) 680-1931 ext. 115
Alina Salgado
Qualitative Solutions Director
(888) 680-1931 ext. 122
Luzia Vieira
Client Engagement Manager
(888) 680-1931 ext 129
Marco Aurelio Garcia
Panel Development Manager
(888) 680-1931 ext 133
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