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Market research vendors of sampling services. Find a firm that can define the size, characteristics, and location of a research sample and methods for reaching respondents that best represent the target group being studied.

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P2Sample works with the world’s leading survey providers to generate quality sample for all survey needs. We provide respondents across the globe.

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SSI ( is the premier global provider of data solutions and technology for consumer and B2B survey research.

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Tap Research is a mobile and online sampling company that connects surveys to 100M+ respondents via mobile apps and games.

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As a leading all-in-one global source for actionable insights, we help companies make clearer and better business decisions that drive better results.

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Cint :: The World's Insights Exchange Technology that transforms and accelerates how companies gather insights.

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Critical Mix
Critical Mix

Critical Mix provides fast and easy access to highly-targeted global survey audiences, survey programming and data visualization services.

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InCrowd enables life science companies to design short microsurveys that facilitate faster, quality data at a lower cost.

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SSI B2B InSSItes is an online business sample providing access to top executives. Reach leaders powering business across hundreds of industries – both large and small.

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Connect with the Customer Through Open-ended Context Connect with the Customer Through Open-ended Context

David Johnson, Director of Project Analytics, Discovery Research Group

Due to ever-changing business environments and customer attitudes, it is imperative businesses continue to understand and measure their customers in ways that provide evolving rich detail. An increase in open-ended inquiry in market research provides this foundation.

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What Every Researcher Should Know About Statistical Significance What Every Researcher Should Know About Statistical Significance

DataStar, Inc.

Survey researchers use significance testing as an aid in expressing the reliability of survey results. We use phrases such as "significantly different," "margin of error," and "confidence levels" to help describe and make comparisons when analyzing data. The purpose of this article is to foster a better understanding of the underlying principles behind the statistics.

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SSI Dynamix™ is Essential to Sustainable Research

Survey Sampling International

SSI Dynamix is a technology platform that creates better respondent experiences, smart panel utilization, and-if required-dynamic and controlled access to Web sourcing from thousands of online properties including social media.

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