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YouGov is a pioneer of online market research. With offices in the UK, US, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, we are driven by a simple idea: the more people participate in the decisions made by the institutions serving them, the better those decisions will be.

At the heart of the firm is a global online community of three million respondents and thousands of political, cultural and commercial organizations engaging in a conversation about their beliefs, their behaviors and their brands. We combine the stream of data we get from that conversation with our broad research expertise and deep industry experience to provide a detailed portrait of what the world thinks.

We offer our clients syndicated products like BrandIndex, the daily brand perception tracker; YouGov Omnibus, the fastest, most cost effective way to get answers from national or targeted samples; and YouGov Profiles, a new tool for media planning, segmentation and forecasting. Additionally, our custom research specialists advise clients on a full spectrum of quantitative and qualitative research to meet their needs.

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ProductImage Omnibus

Our online panel of over 1.8 million respondents in the US helps us to get our nationally representative results. But sometimes clients want to get right to a specific group of people. Other research companies send surveys to all of their member base and hope they will get some of their target group to answer. At YouGov, we go straight to the target group. We know a lot about our panelists, what they buy, how their circumstances have changed and what they like to do. We use this to target just those people you want to speak to – making your research much quicker and far more cost effective.

ProductImage BrandIndex

We ask consumers about thousands of brands across dozens of industry sectors so that we can track the fundamentals of brand health every single day – and brands can rapidly check out campaign effectiveness, and react quickly to fast moving brand events or crises. We monitor how media (paid and earned) and news events impact consumer’ brand perception and purchase behaviors. Sophisticated filter options can deliver a view of your brand through the lens of your current customers, competitors’ customers, and ad-aware consumers. Our sector specific filters include: frequent breakfast eaters, in-market groups, loyalty program members and many more.

ProductImage Profiles

YouGov maintains a continuous conversation with millions of consumers around the world. Over 200,000 consumers have been profiled on over 200,000 variables. Consumers talk to YouGov about their brand usage, brand perception and satisfaction. They share media consumption at the program level, mobile behavior and the details of their social media engagement. Our clients use this unique connected dataset to identify and profile key consumer segments, and refine and develop target groups for customer retention and acquisition strategies. The deep consumer insights available for each segment inspires the most compelling creative and enables more effective targeting. By providing a single source of continuously updated data we bring a simplicity and efficiency to programmatic buying. Our brand clients and their agencies can create target groups, who, can also re-contact those key groups with customized questions for a campaign-specific focus. Agencies can directly buy against those audiences via YouGov Programmatic, which connect with YouGov partner demand side platforms (DSPs).

ProductImage Custom Research

YouGov offers a full range of research and consulting services to help you make smarter decisions about your markets, customers, and offerings. We can help you address business questions related to market structure/composition, innovation and product development, product/service optimization, customer experience, branding and market effectiveness. YouGov Custom Research engagements leverage cutting-edge research and analytic techniques with an eye for assessing the economic impact of your actions. We deliver you the insights and tools that help you to plan and make strategic and tactical decisions while maintaining a focus on tangible outcomes.


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