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Market research companies specializing in the construction and design of questionnaires used as part of a research project. Select a firm that offers questionnaire design services for a variety of interviewing methods: telephone, mail, personal in-home, in-store, etc.

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Snap Surveys
Snap Surveys

Formed in 1981, Snap Surveys has established itself as one of the leading providers of survey software, services, and customized feedback solutions.

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YouGov is a global market research and data company and is considered a pioneer of online market research.

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Infotools is a software and services provider, with particular expertise in processing, analyzing, visualizing and sharing market research data.

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Tips for Effective Online Research Design Tips for Effective Online Research Design

Stephen Cribbett, Dub

How to optimise research design for the online research community or ad-hoc online qual project. These rules make for an effective online research design and, in turn, result in better response and happier participants.

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The Real Mystery of Political Polls The Real Mystery of Political Polls

Copernicus Marketing Consulting and Research

Ahead of the 2008 U.S. presidential election, Copernicus Marketing Consulting and Research looked at the phenomenon of "polling failure" and response bias based on social desirability.

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Questions Of Validity In Hispanic Survey Research

Ricardo López, Hispanic Research, Inc.

"Proven" survey methods for general market studies may yield invalid research data when used on the Latino population. This article describes survey research methodologies and questionaire design that will more effectively obtain the Latino opinion.

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Jumping to Conclusions about Twitter

Dana Stanley, President, The Operandi Group

A research report on Twitter found that the platform would fail as a marketing medium, according to a survey of social media users. This article critiques the questions presented to survey takers and the validity of the report's resolution.

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Mobile Surveys in Market Research Mobile Surveys in Market Research

Josh Mendelsohn, VP Marketing, Chadwick Martin Bailey, Inc.

This article covers the state of mobile market research as it is today along with practical advice for making mobile surveys work.

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Taking Your Market Research Demographics off Auto-Pilot Taking Your Market Research Demographics off Auto-Pilot

Cathy Harrison, Senior Project Manager, Chadwick Martin Bailey, Inc.

Recent controversy stirred by the use of an outdated demographic term by the US Census Bureau reminds us to constantly reevaluate our surveys. This article shares tips on keeping your questionaires relevant and accurate.

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Non-Response Bias In Survey Sampling Non-Response Bias In Survey Sampling


Market research accounts for many scenarios to ensure high quality of data. One of the most overlooked problems is non-response bias. TRC describes ways to reduce its effects through survey design and data adjustment in this white paper.

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Online Market Research Surveys - Maximizing Your ROI Online Market Research Surveys - Maximizing Your ROI

Marc I. Tillman, Amplitude Research, Inc.

The current economic climate has caused some companies to defer or cancel market research projects. In many cases, a company may have correctly determined that the cost of completing a survey within the parameters required for actionable data is no longer possible given its current budget. However, defining exactly what those parameters should be is not always clear, and that is what mostly determines the project cost. This article focuses on the concept of incidence rates, which can be one of the most important cost considerations in designing market research surveys.

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