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Online Diaries / Journals / Blogs

Video Diaries, Online Journals, and Blogs can be used as stand-alone methods, as components with other online qualitative methods, or as a prelude to in-person research. Participants can show and share what they are thinking and doing in real-time or “take us on a tour”. Participants write or record about certain activities they experience naturally or during a journaling project.     online diary, online journal, online qualitative, qualitative research, online blog, journaling, ethnography, video diaries, blogging, diaries 

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Virtual IDIs, focus groups, online forums, private online communities, and mobile telephone and video research technologies to marketing researchers

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Engage In Depth

National/local recruiting for FG,IDI's, Ethnographies,online research,usability tests. Specializing in healthcare professionals/patients,consumers,B2B

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Online Qualitative Research, Market Research, Online Communities, Self-ethnography, Customer Insights, Decision Making

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Gongos, Inc.
Gongos, Inc.

Gongos is shaping the future with a new trifecta for organizations—changing the conservation from market research to decision intelligence.

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