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Social Media Sample & Recruiting

Find market research firms specializing in recruiting respondents for quantitative and qualitative market research via social media - online platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, FaceBook, etc.

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Cint is the technology backbone of the world’s most successful insights companies. Cint’s platform automates sample fieldwork and operations so that

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Critical Mix
Critical Mix

Critical Mix provides fast and easy access to highly-targeted global survey audiences, survey programming and data visualization services.

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Behavioral Recruitment, powered by live social data, to match fresh, genuine participants from 2 billion people worldwide & flexible online platform.

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Pollfish is a market research solution that provides higher quality insights, delivered faster, and at a lower cost than traditional providers.

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P2Sample becomes industry's first end-to-end programmatic panel management and sample blending platform


Leading sample automation company completes development on feasibility API, enabling programmatic sample and panel execution from start to finish.

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SSI B2B InSSItes is an online business sample providing access to top executives. Reach leaders powering business across hundreds of industries – both large and small.

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Understanding the Basics of Incidence Understanding the Basics of Incidence

The Sample Network

When talking about online sample, incidence (or incident rate) is always part of the discussion. This article provides an overview of incidence and the terms targetable and Net Incidence.

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Immerse Yourself in Qualitative Research Trends Immerse Yourself in Qualitative Research Trends

Caryn Goldsmith

The 2012 QRCA Annual Conference, held in Montreal in October, offered qualitative researchers from around the world a myriad of ways to learn the latest in methods and techniques and to identify the trends that which will impact our practices in the coming year and beyond.

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Tapping the Potential of Facebook Fan Pages Tapping the Potential of Facebook Fan Pages


Social media marketing is no longer an experimental field. With fans 5 times more likely to make a purchase than non-fans, many “best in class” companies now view their social media activity from a strategic perspective.

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Online Research Communities: Putting the Customer at the Heart of Your Marketing Strategy

Mark Simon, Managing Director, Toluna UK

Companies are turning to online research communities for decision-making advantage; harnessing the power of communities but applying them to the research process. The true ‘end-to-end’ community allows meaningful dialogue between organisation and participant via an engaging member website with multiple dialogue channels. Here are guidelines for designing and managing online communities.

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