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Interviewing - Ethnic Groups & Audiences

Market research agencies that offer interviewing services focused on ethnic groups and audiences. Find a company that specializes in conducting interviews with people who share a common language, culture, traits or characteristics.

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Experts in multicultural qual and quant marketing research studies for clients targeting Asian American populations and/or U.S. and global markets.

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Nationwide recruiting firm for marketing research. Multiple city recruiting available. Quick response to last minute projects. Database updated often.

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Non-English Qualitative Research Non-English Qualitative Research

Jiri Stejskal, PhD and Tony Guerra, CETRA

To effectively interact with one another, the researcher and the respondent need to speak the same language. Let us take a look at the resources needed for successful multilingual qualitative research.

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Questions Of Validity In Hispanic Survey Research

Ricardo López, Hispanic Research, Inc.

"Proven" survey methods for general market studies may yield invalid research data when used on the Latino population. This article describes survey research methodologies and questionaire design that will more effectively obtain the Latino opinion.

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Latinos Communicate at a Spiritual Level

Ricardo López, Hispanic Research, Inc.

Latinos seek emotional connection in almost every daily interaction. This insight can be applied to interviewing techniques and marketing methods, as described in this article by Ricardo Lopez.

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Non-Verbal Latino Communication & Social Networking

Ricardo López, Hispanic Research, Inc.

Latinos prefer to interact at an emotional or spiritual level. How does this communication style work in the digital world of social networking? This article examines this topic and proposes ideas for effective online market research in the Latino population.

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High-end cosmetics trends in China High-end cosmetics trends in China


The high-end cosmetics industry in China is at an earlier stage of development than Western equivalents. This article covers the main product trends in the Chinese cosmetics market, what beauty means in China, and applicable distribution channels and opportunities.

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How to Craft Research for Japan; Culture Matters! How to Craft Research for Japan; Culture Matters!

SIS International Research

Many global research firms get trapped in a pitfall in designing the Japan leg of the global research project. "Consistent What and Differing How" is a norm one should always adhere to in global research projects that contain field research across many countries. More often than not, we need to adjust the specifics prescribed at the global level "What" to yield the best result from the research work in Japan. In this series of articles, I will shed a light on how we should deal with the "How" part of the norm to render the Japan leg most effective while keeping the "What" intact. Specifically, this article is about focus group research.

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