Marketing Research/Consulting. Spanish- and English-language marketing and sociocultural research.


Juarez & Associates, in business since 1971, provides management and marketing consulting services, specializing in Spanish/English language market research. We provide full research services, from questionnaire design and recruitment through data processing and analysis, including field, telephone and mail surveys as well as focus groups. Our focus group facility in Los Angeles includes hosting and moderating, and is digitally wired for audio and video recording with the option of translation voiceover. We also develop marketing strategies and evaluate long-term programs. Government services include research and management consulting: international management consulting, survey and sociocultural research, program review, monitoring and evaluation, and general marketing targeting hard-to-reach populations with cultural sensitivity.

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  • Location: Suburban
  • Building Type: Strip Mall
  • Travel time from airport: 20 mins
  • Travel time from downtown: 35 mins
  • Recruiting capabilities: Large conference room seats 12 to 14. Viewing room seats 7. Free parking.

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Telephone : (310) 478-0826

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Nicandro F Juarez
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