Advanced recruiting process yields richer results and nationwide capabilities. Space for 4 cars, 70 people or larger appliance displays. Test Kitchen


Advanced Recruiting system yields richer results and nationwide capabilities. True B2B specialists. We are hunters. We don't simply rely on what is in our database today. Chicago research centers features: • Auto showroom for up to 4 cars, • Commercial Test Kitchen • Seating for 70 person studies • Space for large displays (appliances, shopping isles etc.) Our Advanced Recruiting system prevents cheaters, and affordably identifies low incidence respondents. Recruiting is audio recorded and validated to ensure accuracy. Recruit via proprietary panel or client lists.

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Facility Details

  • Location: Airport Urban/Suburban
  • Building Type: 5-Story Office Building
  • Travel time from airport: 5 mins
  • Travel time from downtown: 30 mins
  • Recruiting capabilities: National Consumer and B2B recruiting. We are hunters. While we use all the automation available, we don't stop there. We source sample and dial the phones looking for the perfect respondents.
  • Recruiting area:

Facility Rooms

Room types Dimensions Capacity Observation capacity
Focus Group
26X29 50 25
Focus Group
15X26 12 15
Focus Group
17X24 12 10
Focus Group
26X64 65 12
Test Kitchen
13X40 0 0

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Telephone : (847) 390-8666

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Scott Adleman
President & Chief Executive Officer
Lori Tomoleoni
Vice President
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