Human Resources Effectiveness Study


  • SIS was hired by a large manufacturing company (“client”) to asses the potential of the company’s young professionals (both pink and white collar)
  • The client needed to identify young professionals for promotion to the managerial level
  • The existing tests and methods for identifying high potential managers was not successful as at least 25% of those promoted in the age group 21-33 were not performing well in the job they were promoted to


  • SIS interviewed over N=300 professionals external to the firm as well as N=300 internal staff members, both equally split between pink collar and white collar
  • We determined the professionals’ career aspirations and benchmarked them vis-à-vis their existing role in the company, their education and their desire to be promoted
  • Subsequently, SIS contacted a third party developer who allowed us to use their new assessment test for young professionals


  • At our recommendation, the client brought in the test and implemented the new professional development program
  • After 2 years, the success rate of promotion within the firm improved by 25%
  • The client gained the retention of a higher population of young professionals
  • This retention rate is still being tracked

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