Naming Research for a Technology Product Launch


An award-winning optical technology company was planning its launch in the US and Canada approached Provoke Insights to guide the company in the naming decision process of its smart device.

The optical technology company was launching its first consumer product. The product combines the best features of smartphones, binoculars, and digital cameras, creating an entirely new market segment. The company had mastered the technology and user experience of the product but were having difficulty deciding on a name that would resonate with their target audience. The company had a list of names that they were trying to narrow down. The technology company on-boarded Provoke Insights to facilitate this process.


Provoke Insights naming solution, helps companies narrow down a brand name quickly and successfully. The online naming survey includes:

  • Open-ended name association

  • Ranking of names

  • Testing the top names over 9 dimensions such as likeability and high quality.


Using this research, the optical technology company was able to determine the best fitting name for the product that would resonate among its key target audience. The research identified a clear winner out of the five names. The company also avoided launching a new product with a name that would cause confusion as some of the names were flagged by the audience as confusing.

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