Deft Research is the health care industry’s trusted source for relevant market and consumer information.


Deft Research is focused on health care consumers. Our specialties serve Product Developers, Marketers, Strategists, and Senior Leadership working at health organizations across the country. Clients include nearly all the major health insurers in the US, as well as top hospital systems, marketing agencies, and other health related organizations. We are leaders in the development of syndicated research services. These MARKET INSIGHTS SERVICES are the health insurance industry’s leading source for insight on the attitudes, opinions, and behaviors of key decision-maker populations including consumers, agents and brokers, Group benefit administrators, providers, and plan stakeholders. As a result of our syndicated work, we have developed data assets out of a blend of primary research, secondary social and demographic data, and consumer data. These assets are used in a List Scoring Service that yields information for better targeted marketing. Clients are most likely to think of us for: • Customer Acquisition List Scoring • Product Development Research • Member Experience and Engagement * Analysis of Customer Retention * Digital Engagement * Social Determinants of Health * Brand Value * Competitive Analysis * Addressable Markets * Concept Testing * Message Testing * Health Care Provider Research * Health Consumer Focus Groups * In-depth Interviewing of consumers, health care providers, and executives

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