We develop insights by looking at consumers as unique, well-rounded human beings with both rational and emotional motivations.


In 2003, Hemispheres was founded as a customer insights agency dedicated to exploring the simple yet elusive truth that consumers are complex and dynamic individuals. In our view, each person carries a wide range of perceptions and motivations, some rational and some emotional. To dig deep into these human perceptions and behaviors, we pick the right mix of quantitative and qualitative research methods. Sharply focused on the business strategy of each client, we translate the results into meaningful insights and strategic recommendations. We do it all with a team that brings an uncommon amount of curiosity, bold thinking, and diverse experience to every project. Ultimately, we know what motivates people, what it means for your brand, and how you can apply it towards increased business success. Helping brands understand their customers as well-rounded individuals… It’s a practice that we call Research for Humans.

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