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Alter Agents Unveils Intelligent Grocery Shopper Insight Tool: Shopper STAT

New tool trends spending and triggers among today’s promiscuous shopper to provide competitive analysis for brands.

Alter Agents, a respected Los Angeles-based market research firm focused on intelligent shopper insights, announced today the launch of its new proprietary syndicated tool: Shopper STAT (Spend, Triggers, Attitudes, Trends). Unique to the industry, Shopper STAT is an insight tool based on continuous sampling of shoppers who bought groceries in the last 24 hours. It was designed to uncover the triggers that drive purchase decisions, while comparing satisfaction and brand loyalty among brands.

The research enables retailers to harvest deeper shopper insights in the grocery consumer-packaged goods (CPG) space that authentically and accurately represent a shopper’s experience, from digital reviews to purchasing.

Simply put, Alter Agents’ co-founder, Rebecca Brooks, calls Shopper STAT “a nimble tool for a changing world.” “The data helps companies improve their brand presence and loyalty on every level with competitive analysis, learning the triggers that spur a promiscuous shopper to a decision, and spend behaviors trended over time,” said Brooks.

Shopper STAT is comprised of data from interviews of 1,000 shoppers per week. The survey deconstructs what they intended to purchase, what they actually purchased, and what happened in between. Because the survey is conducted within 24 hours of purchase, the feedback is nearly instantaneous and doesn’t rely on lengthy recall.

Clients using the tool can determine how many of their category shoppers are “up for grabs” at the shelf, what triggers can move more people to their brand (as well as what triggers are moving them away), and trends of shopper data over time. Clients access data through an interactive online dashboard that allows for multiple data cuts. The robust sample size allows for drill downs to store type (grocery, mass, club, etc).  Additionally, a breadth of demographics and shopper-graphics are collected to help insights managers parse data into action.

The company will be releasing a new eBook later this month, Dawn of the Promiscuous Shopper, which will provide further insight into generational approaches to shopping in the CPG space. More information can be found at

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A full service market research and brand consultancy, the Alter Agents team has a long history of brand strategy and communications experience. They specialize in shopper journey research developing leading edge insights. Alter Agents’ seasoned founders include Rebecca Brooks, Angela Woo, and Phil Dance. Their experience includes working with brand giants such as eBay, Google, Hyundai, Yahoo, Viking River Cruises, and many more. More at

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