Confirmit Explores New Frontiers in Market Research

Executives and industry experts gathered to discuss how to share and drive change with Market Research insights at Confirmit seminar.

Today, more than ever, Market Research agencies are employing Voice of the Customer programs to not only boost their bottom line, but also to help their clients gain deeper insight into the increasingly complex multi-channel customer experience.

At Confirmit’s New Frontier in Market Research Seminar in New York City, Charles Colby (Rockbridge Associates, Inc.), Adam Froman (Delvinia), John Gordon (Marketing Workshop), Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian (Forrester Research, Inc.) and Holly DeMuro (Confirmit), shared their thoughts with a packed audience on the evolution of MR and why modern MR programs need multi-channel and multi-touch approaches.

Companies need a VoC program which helps them listen to, understand, and act on customer feedback. MR agencies have the potential to be ideally positioned to help clients with their VoC programs but only if they start a transformation towards thinking in terms of VoC now.

“[Businesses can] enhance customer experience insights through advanced analytics” wrote Schmidt-Subramanian, senior analyst, in the April 2015 Forrester Research report entitled Beyond Surveys: New Tools For More Effective CX Measurement. “CX pros can identify common characteristics of experiences that scored poorly or highly in the past to predict likely experience ratings for future interactions and better understand the why behind the score.”

“The increasing adoption of wearables will make measuring physical well-being during experiences more scalable, triggering a surge in this type of measurement” she added.

Froman, Delvinia’s CEO, shared the story of his company’s evolution and transformation in the MR industry: “We’ve adopted a customer-centric approach to technology and have dedicated time to building a culture of innovation where it’s OK to fail—and then try again. This approach allows us to be unconventional in our thinking and enables us to remain on the leading edge of where the industry is heading for our customers—right now we believe that next wave is in research automation.”

In an effort to uncover the range of personalities driving the industry and their views on what the future holds for MR organizations, Confirmit is running a state of the nation survey for MR professionals. Attendees took part during the event and other MR industry professionals are encouraged to take it before results are published in November.

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About Confirmit:
Confirmit is the world’s leading SaaS vendor for multichannel Voice of the Customer, Employee Feedback, and Market Research applications.

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