Content-Rich Communications

Exploring the need to embed rigor into the creative process, Forethought CEO, Ken Roberts, looks to a future of content-rich, science-driven communications.

‘Just a toss of the coin’, that is the current probability of advertising achieving the client’s objectives. At present, Account Planning and the resulting creative briefs could be best characterized as applying ‘insight’, which has little or no predictive validity and is indiscernibly better than gut instinct. 

Ideally, the future of advertising is represented by agencies that are capable of interpreting advanced analytics and applying empirically validated models. Agencies that seek to identify the rational and emotional drivers of behavior, which predict changes in market share, will transform the probability of producing commercially effective communications.

Creativity thrives best not when it is lawless and ill-informed by loose insight, but rather when it is constrained and guided by the scientifically derived drivers. Through marketing science, we know exactly what we need to be communicating to drive choice and acquire new customers. Prescribing to the creative team the emotion to elicit and the rational reason to believe to teach, focuses the creative challenge and produces the most commercially effective work.

It is time to farewell the intuitive, spiritual marketer and those instinct-based approaches so common in advertising. The creative brief today must be backed by advanced analytics and based on the drivers of the expected business outcomes; that is, using data analytics to frame creative briefs that will result in changes to clients’ relative market performance.

Full article published in the April 2016 edition of ADMAP.


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