Forethought is an internationally awarded growth consultancy that solves our clients’ demand-side growth challenges.


Forethought is a brand growth Consultancy, anchored in insights gained from frame-breaking research methods and advanced analytics to inform bold management action.

We equip management with certainty and clarity to quicken the pace and precision of their decision-making, investment and action on:
• brand,
• communications,
• market sizing,
• product,
• pricing, and
• customer experience strategy.


Our approach can be simply described as Gain and Retain™.

• Central to Gain and Retain™ is providing management with quantitatively verified drivers of new and repeat purchase at a category, brand and competitor level.

• We bring the rigor of science to marketing; modelling the rational and implicit emotions driving consumer behaviour and accurately predicting the effect on acquisition and retention and informing management action.

• Our methods underpinning Gain and Retain™, have been granted US and Australian Patents. The resulting client case studies have won prestigious awards internationally and have been documented in A-Grade journals.

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