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Artificial Intelligence / AI-Powered Platforms

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Remesh is an innovative consumer intelligence platform for engaging and understanding massive groups of people online and in real-time.

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Ipiphany uses AI and NLP to gain a deep understanding of customer feedback data in the same way a human would, to help researchers prioritize action

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FlexMR Launches Transformative Integrated Insight Platform


FlexMR have launched a new integrated insight platform - InsightHub. An evolution of the company’s online research offering, the firm has said that the new platform will improve the performance of their diverse array of existing research tools and services.

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P2Sample Completes Rollout of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to Combat Online Survey Fraud


P2Sample, an industry leader in programmatic sampling, today announced the addition of sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms to its insight automation platform. The advanced technology, which the company has been developing and progressively implementing for the past year, assists in combating fraudulent respondents and “bots” in online surveys.

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