Quality full-service offering strategic, hands on product research design, execution, processing, analytical services and legal research since 1986.


Quality full-service global market research company offering strategic design, execution, processing and analytical services since 1986. All functions of the research process are done in-house. Expertise in traditional product research and beyond to fit all needs of a products lifecycle. CPG categories include food and beverage, personal care, healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Broad experience in concept development, category assessments, sensory and market segmentation, product re-formulation guidance, , advertising and package development. Proficiencies in strategic research and advanced modeling. Our Legal Research Group has expertise in claims substantiation, and intellectual property disputes. Our software platform, Kiwi Metrics, is powered by our proprietary knowledge graph representing 80% of the branded foods in the United States. Using the platform R&D and Marketing has on demand access to label insights, market segmentation and a digital culinary prototyping tool. The platform democratizes market data and analysis across R&D and Marketing teams enabling bolder decision making and risk mitigation at every stage of the New Product Development process. We have State-of-the art CAPI, CATI, IVR, and Internet interviewing. Research conducted in U.S. and internationally. Hands-on involvement of seasoned, senior management. New Realtime™ Insights service provides access to stat-tested data in real time. Our Collaborative Insights Program (CIP) is a turnkey solution, managed by Target onsite or offsite to operate all day to day operations.

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