Red Centre Software produces remarkable cross tabulation tools for desktop, mobile, cloud and browser platforms.


Red Centre Software produces remarkable cross tabulation tools. We've aimed at being best in breed, able to handle any methodology and data of any complexity and size. Our forte is continuous tracking and coping with all the complications there, so ad-hocs are relatively easy. Ruby does the jobs none of the others can do. Fully scriptable for heavy grunt work with an excellent GUI for exploring. Features people find attractive are importing from anything (even MDD/DDF and Quantum levels), power of analysis, two-way comms with MSOffice products (eliminates cut and paste to PPT entirely), export to anything (including Tableau), unrivaled speed. If you still use Quantum, Ruby can import Quantum from run files including the edit section, making it the ideal bridge between legacy systems and modern reporting/visualization systems. Our online products, Laser/RubyGo/RubyPocket, cover browsers and mobile apps on any platform giving full crosstab access to online Ruby jobs. These include Excel based dynamic dashboards for that enhanced end client experience. Our Dashboards are linked to live reports (so you only need a handful), dynamically filtered, widely customizable, and available as desktop or online. Our Cloud products work with local or cloud data making possible all varieties of sharing and client access. They include fully powered desktop programs, platform neutral programs for mobiles and MACs, and browser programs. Dataology - we solve data problems. We've turned data wrangling into a science and made it an art. If your data is difficult, awkward, disorganized, stuck somewhere; if you can't get the measures you want; if you need it streamlined and turnkey - we can straighten it out.

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