Crosstabulation Display Software

Market research software for cross-tabulation displays. Compare and select software packages that match your specific needs.

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Confirmit is the world’s leading SaaS vendor for multichannel Voice of the Customer, Employee Feedback, and Market Research applications.

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Infotools is a software and services provider, with particular expertise in processing, analyzing, visualizing and sharing market research data.

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Survey Tabulation Basics: Statistics Survey Tabulation Basics: Statistics

DataStar, Inc.

This article provides a summary of the basic descriptive statistics typically shown in crosstabs and other survey data analyses. Included are the basic measures with which all researchers should be comfortable.

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MarketSight Thomson Case Study


The challenge was to reduce the amount of time and costs Thomson Scientific spent on basic analysis and use the research data to drive a greater number of business decisions. MarketSight was able to automate many of the time intensive steps and yield $20,000 in annual savings in research expenses.

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