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FocusVision Continues to Innovate to Bring the Most Advanced Solutions for Customer Research and Insights to All Businesses

The leader in research technology introduces a free version of its online focus group solution called InterVu Now; Adds AI to its full version of InterVu.

FocusVision, a full-spectrum insights and analytics technology solutions provider, made two significant announcements today that further proves the company’s commitment to providing the most innovative research solutions to empower all teams within organizations to achieve always-on insights into their customer base to drive better decisions and business growth.

Over the past four years, FocusVision has acquired the top companies in quantitative and qualitative research products and services to bring them together under one company and one brand to offer its customers a full suite of products for all research needs. Earlier this year, the company announced an updated version of its advanced online survey tool, Decipher, which includes new functionality and a completely enhanced UI to enable enterprises and research agencies to deliver a better experience to survey respondents.

“It’s our vision to take our 20 years of experience building the best and most comprehensive research solutions and democratize the industry by empowering all teams--Marketing, Product Development, Sales, Finance or HR--with an always-on research platform that allows them to connect with their customer, ask them for feedback, and inform better customer-centric decisions,” said Zlatko Vucetic, CEO of FocusVision. “By offering easy-to-use, cost-effective solutions to run their own surveys, conduct focus groups or gather customer sentiment, we’re enabling more meaningful ways for the enterprise market to stay connected with their customer to drive business success.”

Today, FocusVision built on this momentum with the debut of InterVu Now, a new cost-effective solution that allows anyone to conduct online focus groups or video interviews. Purpose built for modern research, InterVu Now delivers the ability to run an effective digital focus group through high-quality video capture, interactive monitoring and easy-to-use playback features.

“Historically, research projects have been costly, with a long ‘field to yield’ time. InterVu Now gives businesses a simpler, more direct digital solution that’s much more cost effective and intuitive, allowing users of all experience levels to get projects up and running instantly. It’s an easy-to-use interface that democratizes research and supports the nature of research today: getting the insights you need when you need them,” added Thierry D’Hers, Chief Product Officer at FocusVision.

Additionally, FocusVision has made improvements to the full-feature version of InterVu. Utilizing the latest technology in machine learning and AI, InterVu can now handle more than 60 project scheduling scenarios of varying complexity through an Alexa-like assistant. With this level of enhanced automation, customers have always-on access to programs leading to the ability to schedule a new project at any time and receive 24/7 updates throughout the data collection period. GDPR compliance is also baked in, minimizing the risk to the organization by ensuring the correct personal data is automatically anonymized.


FocusVision is a full-spectrum insights and analytics technology solutions provider. Established in 1992, it was the first company to live-stream focus groups. The company now offers premium tools to gather, analyze and share data for customer satisfaction surveys, brand tracking, focus groups, online communities, communications testing, segmentation, NPS, product testing and more. FocusVision has more than 400 employees globally, with offices in the US, UK, Bulgaria and Singapore. It is trusted by 18 of the Top-20 Fortune 100 companies, and all of the Top-10 Healthcare and CPG companies. Learn more at

InterVu lets researchers and marketers talk to customers anywhere in the world via an online tool for group or 1:1 interviews. Researchers can present stimuli, share screens, mark-up screens, run card-sort exercises, polls and more to accurately gauge customer attitudes and sentiment. To learn more about InterVu, visit

InterVu Now is a more cost-effective solution purpose-built for modern research that allows anyone to conduct online focus groups or video interviews. To learn more about InterVu Now, visit

With Decipher, brands can quickly launch surveys and deliver real-time reporting, and use video capabilities to watch customers tell their stories and feel their emotion. This is critical in helping brands develop and deliver insights to maximize customer experiences based on actual feedback and nonverbal cues. In early 2018, FocusVision updated Decipher with new functionality and an enhanced UI to enable enterprises and research agencies to deliver a better experience to survey respondents. To learn more about Decipher, visit

Using social media style interactions, Revelation takes users into respondents’ everyday lives to uncover motivations and behaviors--which can be used to inform customer experience initiatives. Researchers and respondents can view and comment on data in multiple ways in a live feed (similar to social media communities) to help bring customer experiences to life. To learn more about Revelation, visit

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