MESH Experience has taken on new, larger offices in Soho, London.

MESH Experience, the award-winning global data, insight, and analytics company, has taken on new, larger offices in Soho, London.

The business has seen a significant uplift in the UK market as a result of many new clients buying into the agency’s core Real-Time Experience Tracking (RET) approach, as well as new initiatives such as a subscription model for RET in the retail banking and insurance sectors.

MESH Experience Founder and CEO, Fiona Blades, commented, “I am excited at the growth trajectory of our business and the variety of business problems we’re being asked to solve on brand and customer experience management.  And we are delighted with our new office which offers space to expand further as well as being a great place to welcome our clients and partners.”

MESH Experience’s unique approach aims to help clients see the world through the customer’s eyes. The company collects and analyses data in real time across the full spectrum of what people experience about a brand - all paid, owned, and earned touchpoints – allowing brands and campaigns to be set in their proper context.

About MESH Experience
MESH Experience helps clients make quicker and smarter decisions about their marketing investment.  With offices in London, New York, and Sao Paulo, MESH drives client success through its proprietary Experience Driven Marketing approach and award-winning Real-time Experience Tracking methodology.  More information on the company’s notable achievements, case studies, key leadership, and history can be found at


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MESH Experience

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About MESH Experience:
Our unique ability to measure all forms of brand experience and correlate them to performance is the single best way to drive brand growth.

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