Behavioural Recruitment wins best support service award

Behavioural Recruitment has won the MRS Oppies ‘Best Support Service’ Award!

Liveminds announced today that its Behavioural Recruitment service has won the Market Research Society (MRS) Operations Award for Best Support Service.

Behavioural Recruitment by Liveminds is a radically different approach to participant recruitment, powered by live social data on 2 billion people worldwide. Liveminds doesn’t have a database - fresh participants are found for every project.

The Operations Awards judges recognized that Liveminds has used technology to revolutionize participant recruitment. Behavioural Recruitment technology connects to social ad networks, such as Facebook, enabling Liveminds to hyper-target the participants needed for each individual project in 190 countries.

The key benefits:

? Fresh participants - people new to research, not conditioned repeat respondents

? Greater reach - instant access to 100X more people than the biggest global panels

? People are representative - potential participants are approached based on demonstrated rather than claimed behavior, before going through a thorough screening process to ensure they fully match criteria

? More data - participants are keen to talk about subjects they’re genuinely interested in and give 47% more data than traditional recruits - based on an analysis of 35 million words on Liveminds online qual platform.

Adverts are placed in the social news feed of hyper-targeted audiences based on their demonstrated behavior, interests and demographics. This ensures that only people who match the recruitment criteria are ever invited to take part.

Hugh Carling, Co-founder of Liveminds, was delighted to win the award, saying:

“Accessing quality and representative sample is the single biggest challenge facing the research industry today. Many researchers feel that too few people are taking part in too much research. Behavioural Recruitment matches fresh participants from 2 billion for every project. I’m proud that all the hard work our small team has put in to revolutionize research recruitment has been recognized by the MRS. Onwards and upwards! ”

Behavioural Recruitment is powered by Facebook’s unparalleled data on what people have actually done, rather than what they say they’ve done. Liveminds finds people to screen on-demand, based on extremely detailed insights on their real behavior and interests. There are 2.2 billion Facebook users around the world, in 190+ countries – this greater reach means that participants are typically fresh to research, meaning researchers get the views of real consumers rather than repeat respondents.


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