[Webinar] Focus for Speed: How Industry Leaders Apply Agile to Market Research

Discover how agile research methodologies are helping to answer today's business challenges.

Based on the findings from our 2016 agile research study—taken by marketers and researchers across industries—we know more and more are experiencing, firsthand, the value in using agile research methodologies for many different needs specific to their roles and company goals. Whether it’s to help make a big decision, develop or grow a new/existing product, understand why a product isn’t performing, narrow ideas, or explore potential new categories, there are several different uses for agile research methodologies.

View the webinar recording today. We talk about: 

  • The questions agile research methodologies are helping to answer today and where agile doesn’t fit
  • How agile research methodologies are applied across different industries and roles
  • What an iterative approach means, why it’s valuable, and how it is further enabled through agile research
  • The challenges and benefits of agile research methodologies


Lisa O'Connor

Director of Client Services


Lisa began in market research at Gap, Inc., translating consumer feedback into best practices in-store. For Brand Juice Consulting, Lisa led consumer insights driven innovation work for Fortune 500 Companies. Realizing first hand that there had to be a better, faster way to weave more consumer-learning into the innovation and marketing development processes, Lisa fell in love with GutCheck, where she works as an Online Research Strategist. GutCheck matches Lisa's desire for speed, innovation and insightful analysis, making sense of her BA in Anthropology and MS in Engineering.


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