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[Webinar Recording] The Impact of Behavioral Science on Marketing Decisions

Listen to the recording to learn about how to leverage Behavioral Science Insights to strengthen your marketing strategies and executions. .

There is emerging evidence that Marketing best practices have been built upon a number of beliefs about human behavior that are not necessarily true or reliable:

  • That stated preferences are stable over time (they are not)

  • That choices are made based on personal taste (much less than you think)

  • That people can accurately predict what they need in the future (they can't)

Increasingly, Marketers are beginning to understand why stated intention and behavior often don’t align. Behavioral Sciences shine a spotlight on the sources of misalignment, and inform improved go-to-market strategies. This webinar will bring you up to speed on the newest behavioral science methods and their application to market research, as well as introduce the pillars of behavior drivers that impact all stages of marketing, from Insight to Strategy to Execution.

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   Dr. Rajwant Sandhu, Dir- Behavioral Science Practice, Fresh Squeezed Ideas 

Raj’s unique background as a Ph.D. in Behavioral Psychology, and as an educator (B.Ed) forms a power combination for market research as she has the expertise to understand the key drivers of human behavior and the ability to translate this knowledge towards actionable business solutions.

Over 7 years, Raj has led both qualitative and quantitative research projects exploring various facets of the drivers of human behavior including decision making, sensory and emotion processing, and addictions. In addition to publishing 5 research papers, the impact and broad application of her research have led to her work being featured on Discovery Canada, BBC, and the Daily Mail.  As the first psychologist at Fresh Squeezed Ideas, Raj offers a unique perspective and an expansive knowledge base on the cognitive processes that shape everyday behavior.  She draws on this knowledge to derive valuable insights into consumer behavior, and to design research that asks the right questions in the right way, as she knows that insights are only as strong as the research upon which they are based.  Raj is a passionate and innovative researcher, who loves to question and to be questioned.


  Mikayla Ford, Behavioral Strategist, Fresh Squeezed Ideas

Mikayla is an applied behavioural science specialist with experience using insights from psychology to develop and implement complex research projects in the public and private sectors. With an educational background in psychology and science, Mikayla is passionate about understanding the intricacies of human judgement and decision-making.

Prior to joining FSI, Mikayla helped clients in Ontario’s energy sector innovate and experiment using research and behaviouralscience. Working closely with the province’s energy regulators and utility companies, her past projects explored the public’s understanding of their energy consumption as it relates to Time-of-Use pricing. Her work in this domain has been shared broadly amongst key stakeholders and leveraged in an effort to improve Time-of-Use compliance, public perceptions of the energy sector, and energy literacy across the province.

At FSI, Mikayla applies a behavioural lens to client challenges by approaching research through implicit rather than explicit methods and relying on data to interpret findings. Although she’s a member of the Behavioral Science Practice at FSI, Mikayla enjoys tackling interesting challenges through meaningful cross-collaboration with the broader team. Their expertise in areas such as qualitative research, sociology, marketing, and cultural anthropology brings diversity of thought and novel insights to every research question she encounters.


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