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[Webinar Recording] Non-Conscious Behavior: Measure it. Understand it. Drive it.

Listen to the recording to learn how Behavioral Research and Design is Empowering Next Generation Insights and Marketing. .


As insights professionals, our industry needs more than just technological evolution. We also require a revolution in our ability to directly change consumer behavior. In a world where data and insights are quickly becoming commoditized, we must move beyond just tapping insights into “Why” people make the decisions they do. More importantly, we must shift our roles to also activate on these insights to own the “Now What” by designing innovation and activation that changes consumer behavior through a process called Behavioral Design.

To help empower you to begin your own behavioral research and design project, Will Leach of TriggerPoint will highlight their simple Behavioral Design process to build behavioral science-based marketing and show you how these sciences were used to build a healthy-snacking start-up brand - Wicked Crisps – from the ground up.

You will specifically learn:

  • How to immediately increase brand engagement and sales by identifying and activating against four, non-conscious factors driving most consumer behaviors.
  • How Mindstate Profiles and Behavioral Activation Briefings can be used to overlay behavioral design principles into your marketing strategy and tactics.
  • How Rapid Mindstate Profiling and Behavioral Activation Briefs were specifically used to build the first, “behaviorally-designed” brand in snacking - Wicked Crisps.

Listen to this webinar to learn how Rapid Mindstate Profiling™ (RaMP), the first System 1 research methodology that links peoples unique “mindstate” to “behavioral activation briefs” can help you drive the Behavioral Insights and Design agenda for your company.


  Will Leach, Founder, TriggerPoint

Will Leach is the founder of TriggerPoint, a leading Behavioral Research and Design consultancy specializing in identifying & influencing the conscious and non-conscious factors guiding consumer decision making. Simply put… they help todays largest brands understand and change consumer behaviors through Behavioral Design.

Will has over 20 years of client-side consumer insights experience in Consumer Packaged Goods, Biotechnology and Energy Industries and is a Behavioral Design instructor at the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University.

Previous to TriggerPoint, Will managed BrainJuicer’s Behavioral Activation Unit and PepsiCo's Shopper Marketing & Retail Testing laboratory where he led behavioral science methods for the company. In 2011, Will won the IIR EXPLOR Award for Insights Innovation for his work in applying behavioral economics to optimizing consumer promotions and in 2014 was awarded the Ginny Valentine award for his work in driving behavioral research and design in the insights industry. TriggerPoint has been featured in a number of publications, including Quirks and Shopper Marketing Magazine. And most recently as an emerging consultancy in the book Change Ahead: How research and design are transforming business strategy.

  Steve Durman, Founder and President, Four Man Furnace

Steve is the founder and President of Four Man Furnace, a full-service creative agency focused on using cognitive psychology and neuroscience to optimize creative. Over the past two years, Four Man Furnace has been TriggerPoint’s exclusive creative agency, partnering with them solving their client’s most pressing behavioral challenges. Many clients have worked with Four Man Furnace including Purina, La Quinta Inns & Suites,, Nestle Skin Health, MoneyGram, TXU Energy, Richard Petty Motorsports and GM Financial.

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About TriggerPoint:
Behavioral Science Research and Design Consultancy that helps you understand and drive consumer behavior.