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Civicom Launches CiviSelect to Provide Recruits for Market Research Studies

Civicom Marketing Research Services has expanded its reach to help clients select the best participants for marketing research studies by launching CiviSelect - Civicom’s respondent recruiting service.


Greenwich, CT USA, April 22, 2013 - Civicom Marketing Research Services has expanded its reach to help clients select the best participants for marketing research studies by launching CiviSelect™ - Civicom’s respondent recruiting service. Civicom believes that the success of a project starts with the right recruits. That’s why it created the CiviSelect™ brand. The objective is to help researchers get the most out of their research activities, specifically with gathering responses that are relevant to project objectives, by recruiting the right respondents. CiviSelect™ was created in response to client recommendations that Civicom Marketing Research include recruiting in its suite of services.
Capitalizing On Existing Global Strengths
CiviSelect™ operates globally as well as domestically. For businesses that offer their products and services outside of the U.S., getting important cues from a new market through in-depth studies is a proven worthwhile endeavor. However the diversity of cultures, economies, and other important factors that affect a particular market have to be taken into consideration. In reality, a product strategy that proves successful in one region may perform otherwise in another geographic location. For example, an advertisement that appeals to one consumer group may not make sense to consumers based in another part of the world. As a global provider that operates in 96 countries, with a wide understanding of local customs in many markets, Civicom is in a unique position to leverage that experience into marketing research recruiting. 
Depending on the size and scope of a study, clients can count on the industry experience, unmatched quality, and technical expertise of Civicom’s CiviSelect™ recruitment process to get the best fit in recruits for a specific market. Participants in a study can be located anywhere within the U.S., Canada, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, or the Middle East. 
Civicom understands the global impact of social media today and has their CiviSelect™ service strategically positioned to take advantage of Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and other networking sites to recruit market study participants. 
CiviSelect™ also provides discussion guide analysis to ensure that key respondent insights are collected during the course of a study. Civicom specialists can also review client respondent application questionnaires in order to connect the right participants to a particular study. Respondents are also gauged in relation to their familiarity with current technologies in relevance to the research project. CiviSelect™ also prepares and submits, for their client’s evaluation, an easy-to-read report that shows the eligibility of each potential respondent.
Market researchers can learn more about Civicom and CiviSelect™ by calling +1-203-413-2423 or emailing CiviSelect™ at

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