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Civicom Sponsors Online Portal for GreenBook IIeX NA Conference Video on Demand

Civicom will sponsor the web portal featuring on demand video of program content generated though the GreenBook Insight Innovation Exchange (IIeX NA).


Greenwich, CT USA, June 12, 2013. Civicom Marketing Research Services will join with GreenBook as a sponsor of the post conference web portal featuring on demand video replay of program content generated though the upcoming GreenBook  Insight Innovation Exchange (IIEx NA) conference, a fast paced and intensive program designed to generate consumer insights leverage for marketing researchers. The event is being held at the Marriott Philadelphia Downtown June 17 - 19. Over 75 individual presentations are scheduled during the event. The video portal will be available a few weeks following the conference.

The GreenBook Insight Innovation Exchange (IIeX NA) conference will bring participants up to speed on the latest trends in the global market research industry. The program will also feature a special interactive workshop on using games to explore human behavior.

The conference also features the Insight Innovation Competition, an opportunity for service providers to offer solutions to a set of client-submitted requests for solutions to unmet needs revolving around the key question, "What's your most critical consumer insights-related need that is currently NOT being addressed by your suppliers or tools?" At IIExNA, a set of selected industry experts will share their insights about how to tackle these issues using the most tangible and creative solutions.

The Insight Innovation Exchange is presented by GreenBook, a unit of New York American Marketing Association Communication Services. GreenBook provides a compilation of worldwide marketing research companies through the online and print versions of its Worldwide Directory of Marketing Research Companies and Services, subdivided into more than 400 research categories based on specific services offered, as well as the markets that these companies serve. In addition GreenBook offers rich content for marketing researchers and industry suppliers to delve through for ideas.

Civicom Marketing Research Services is a global innovator in qualitative research tools using the latest technology solutions for marketing research. The company works with market research firms, facilitating telephone and web-based IDIs and Focus Groups, online multimedia bulletin boards, and mobile research capabilities that enable projects to have extensive, global reach. Learn more about Civicom Marketing Research Services by contacting Civicom Marketing Research Services at +1-203-413-2423 or at .


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