Dapresy and Voxco Sign Partnership

Canadian survey software company Voxco has partnered with Dapresy, a specialist in online analysis and dynamic dashboard reporting for marketing research, to broaden the reach of both companies.

Stockholm, Sweden and Montreal, Canada – June 4th 2013: Canadian survey software company Voxco has partnered with Dapresy, a specialist in online analysis and dynamic dashboard reporting for marketing research, to broaden the reach of both companies. The partnership includes the integration of Dapresy with the Voxco survey software platforms and a commercial agreement to promote all solutions.
“I have always been impressed with the Dapresy solutions and am excited about the partnership.  I believe this will be bringing real value for Voxco clients” said Raymond Cyr, Chairman of the Board for Voxco.
Rudy Nadilo, President of North America for Dapresy added: “The Voxco data collection tools along with the Dapresy data analysis and reporting system provides a powerful combination that makes the delivery of research projects more efficient for the research provider and more effective for their end-clients”.
To find more about how Voxco can help your business, please visit www.voxco.com and for Dapresy, please visit www.dapresy.com. 
About Voxco
Voxco is a global provider of software solutions that enable enterprises, market and social research firms, governments and other public institutions to make better decisions by providing superior tools to collect, process and analyze data from their environments. Voxco offers its clients a number of products including the leading-edge web-based survey software Acuity4 Survey designed for the needs of enterprises and market research agencies. It combines elaborate and powerful functionalities with easy-to-use interfaces and tools. Voxco’ product line also includes Command CenterTM an integrated platform for multichannel and mixed mode data collection. Voxco is headquartered in Montreal, Canada, with subsidiaries in the USA, France, UK, Germany and Australia servicing hundreds of customers spread over more than thirty countries.
About Dapresy
Dapresy partners with leading companies to help them easily deploy state-of-the-art InfoGraphics based dashboards. In addition to these stunning dashboards, the system has fully integrated modules for data processing, statistics and analysis, cross tabs, etc. Designed by market researchers for market researchers, the system is easy to use through a simple “drag & drop” interface so there is no programming required. Dapresy provides a user-friendly, dynamic way to deliver results in an online delivery tool and individually tailored so the “right person, sees the right data, at the right time”. For market researchers looking to move beyond PowerPoint and Excel, Dapresy is a complete solution and simply the Better Way to deliver marketing research results. In business for over 10 years, our clients include firms like TNS, GfK, Ipsos, The Pert Group, Morpace, Rogers Connect Market Research, Ad Hoc research, Sentient Decision Science, Blauw, Unilever and many more.
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Voxco Survey Tools

Voxco Survey Tools

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About Voxco Survey Tools:
The industry's most flexible survey software. Central database across online, phone, and face-to-face channels. Offices & clients worldwide.

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