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[WEBINAR] How to Keep Online Respondents Engaged Using Projective Techniques

Listen as Laura Jett, Research Manager at GutCheck, explores how to use creative projective techniques to keep online respondents engaged and encouraged to share rich, actionable feedback.

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As online research becomes more prevalent, respondent fatigue and burnout are becoming more of an issue. In order to ensure that you receive rich, actionable feedback, respondents need to be kept engaged and feel encouraged to share their articulate opinions. One of the best ways to engross respondents in the research is to use creative projective techniques to add excitement to the study and topic.

View the recording today. You will: 

  • Understand when you should use projective techniques in order to elicit beliefs, feelings, attitudes, and motivations that may otherwise be hard for consumers to articulate
  • See a list of 9 projective techniques and how to apply these techniques to various types of projects
  • Learn about the results of a study that used projective techniques to uncover respondent attitudes towards 4 major cell phone carriers


Laura Jett

Research Manager


Laura graduated from Sweet Briar College with a B.S. in Mathematics with minors in Statistics and Business Management with initial hopes of entering the financial world.  After one Market Research course in grad school, she fell in love with the field and the fusion of mathematics and creativity. 

After graduating from Claremont Graduate University with an M.B.A., she joined the Consumer Insights team at Cricket Wireless, which then became AT&T.  She’s been with GutCheck for two years now and leads one of their research teams. 

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