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[Webinar Recording] Accelerate Time to Profitability of New Product Innovations

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  • GutCheck
  • July 10 2018 2 PM - 3 PM

When launching a new product, it isn’t just about your concept succeeding; it is about your new product getting adopted.

With new product innovation, it is critical that you have the right processes and solutions in place throughout development that will ultimately lead to adoption among your target audience and in-market product success. As such, it is important to understand who your audience is, what makes them unique, and why your new product appeals to them specifically. Uncovering key audience behaviors allows you to know how, where, and when to effectively reach this audience with highly relevant messaging and creative.

View the recording to:

  • See how the combination of survey and big data helps you quickly identify and deeply profile your new product’s acceptors, giving you a holistic understanding of the consumers you should be targeting, including how to reach them and with the right message, to increase your chance of in-market success
  • Walk through several case studies showing how brands in varying indiustries uncovered key insights into their audiences like personality characteristics, interests, hobbies, and health factors
  • Learn what impact on marketing and promotional opportunities resulted for these brands to increase adoption and in-market success of their new product




  Matt Lucas, Product Management, GutCheck

Matt is a University of Iowa graduate with a background in geomatics. He's been in product management for 7 years and is obsessed with helping people uncover hidden insights with unique data applications. Outside of work, Matt enjoys riding bikes around Denver with his wife, tinkering on stuff around the house, and spoiling his cat to a degree that most would call annoying.


  Keith Johnson, Chief Product Officer at GutCheck

Keith has over 15 years’ experience building new businesses, leading teams, and driving expansion into new markets around the world. Prior to joining GutCheck, he served as EVP for Wunderman helping guide corporate data strategy and growth. Keith also served as a principal at I-Behavior where his work developing Zipline, a global DMP, was instrumental in the sale of I-Behavior to WPP. His early career began at DoubleClick (now owned by Google) where he held a variety of leadership roles.

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