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[Webinar Recording] Break Down Barriers to Innovate for Sustainable Growth

View the recording to learn how Google is breaking down silos to achieve new product innovation success.

Successful product launches have one thing in common: consumer understanding. But the majority of product launches fail so where is the disconnect? Learn how Google is breaking down silos to bring together the art and science of understanding consumer behavior to ensure new product innovations reach their full market potential across consumer segments.

View the recording.  You will: 

  • See two classic examples of product launch failures and how to avoid them
  • Learn how Google is blending user experience and market research to get a clear, complete, and connected view of their audience
  • See how to stay ahead of the product adoption curve by understanding, identifying, activating, and measuring success at each phase


  Keith Johnson, Chief Product Officer, GutCheck

Keith Johnson is a marketing, data, and technology executive with an entrepreneur's heart. He has over 15 years of experience building and creating businesses, leading corporate expansion into new markets around the world, and growing leading brands. As chief product officer at GutCheck, Keith is focused on driving success for clients through advanced applications of technology, data and research.

  Allen Bevans, UX Researcher, Google

Allen is a UX Researcher who focuses on understanding the behaviors, needs, and motivations of consumers in media and entertainment contexts. Before working with various teams at Google, he worked for Electronic Arts - one of the world's largest video game publishers. He's also done academic research on creativity, interaction metaphors, and designing technology for kids.


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